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Fast Reactor Industrialization Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance Has Been Established in Beijing

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      On Nov 16th, a great number of nuclear power technological research and development companies and nuclear heavy component manufacturing enterprise led by CNNC China institute of atomic energy gathered in Beijing and established the Fast reator industrialization technical innovation strategy alliance, with the purpose of keeping a foothold on self-innovation, building the fast reactor industry chain, promoting the commercialization offast reator technology, co-building the sustainable devment nuclear power industry of China.
      In the alliance founding conference, the alliance council members signed the alliance agreement. China institute of atomic energy, China first heavy industries,Shanghai electric, Lantai group, China nuclear industry 23 construction Co.,Ltd, etc.these five companies as the sponsor companies; and , CNNC China nuclear power engineering Co.,Ltd. Fujian Sanming nuclear power Co.,Ltd.etc.18 companies as the council member companies; Shanghai No.1 machine tool works Co.,Ltd.etc.24 companies as the first batch attending the alliance, all the above companies took part in this great event. The conference announced that Mr.Wan Gang, the director of China institute of atomic energy undertook the alliance president and the General manager of China institute of atomic energy engineering department,Mr.Zhang Donghui undertook the alliance secretary-general.
      Fast reactor as the most potential technology of the fourth generation nuclear power systom, came to be known as the future star of nuclear power reators. Industry alliance is the import carrier of implementing the state technology innovation project and is a new science and technology innovation management mode which is pushed and advocated actively during “the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan” of our country, and also is one of the science and technology industrialization modes being spreaded with priority on the aspect of science and technology during the twelfth five-year plan of the Fifth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.    
      The fast reactor alliance established this time is on the basic of the gained experience and cooperation, for sequentially improving the further development of chinese fast reactor technology, being led by China institute of atomic energy, being supported by the fast reactor research certer, according to the principles of equality,cooperation, shared resource, mutual development, jointing the universities, science research institution, the equipment manufactory and installation enterprises which has mastered or hope to master the fast reactor technology, and is established for complementary advantages and strong-strong union. The purpose of alliance is to improve Chinese fast reactor technology progress, to speed up the step of fast reactor technology industrialization, to build the whole advanced fast reactor technology industry chain, to develop the commercial fast reactor brand with chinese independent Intellectual Property Rights and to form the ability of self-design, self-construction, self-operation,self-management and develop the nuclear fuel cycle economy.
      As is learned,the alliance will build the communication stage between the alliance members and the relative companies, governments, and international after establishment in order to improve the information communication, technology exchange, resource share, policy agreement among the alliance members, and to improve the relative industry technology pro gress. By establishing the alliance, A batch mainstay enterprises which master the fast reactor industrialization central technology will be made, the bottlenect of industry development will be broken through together, and the relative industry and state technology standard will be formed, it will speed up the commercial operation of science and technology results and raise the industry global competitive power.


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