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China's First Tower Will Be Built at Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Project

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      China's first nuclear power tower will be built at Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Project as an agreement was signed by CNNC Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., the East China Electric Power Design Institute, and Beijing GEA Energietechnik Co., Ltd. affiliated to GEA Group in Germany on April 7. This marks a welcome step towards the goal of "Inland No.1" in the nuclear power by CNNC.
     The cooling tower with natural draft for nuclear power engineering under this agreement will be 200 meters high and have a base of 160 meters in diameter. It will be the world's largest and highest cooling tower, as well as another milestone in the development of the ultra-large nuclear power cooling tower business in China and even the world.
      The heat dissipation of a nuclear power unit is 1.5 to 2 times that of a thermal power plant with the same installed capacity. Therefore, the cooling tower for a nuclear power plant is much larger than that for a conventional thermal power plant. Unlike a coastal nuclear power plant using seawater for cooling in a vertical loop, inland nuclear power plant has to use a cooling tower with natural draft to provide recycling cooling water. So cooling tower becomes an integral part of conventional inland nuclear power plant.
      Currently, the relevant state departments are actively promoting the work of nuclear power development planning. The great development of nuclear power not only brings an unprecedented opportunity to China's nuclear power equipment manufacturers, but also creates favorable conditions for their international counterparts. This tripartite cooperation is initiated to promote the better development of the inland nuclear power in China.


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