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International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century

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      Following the Ministerial Conference held in Paris in March 2005, the International Atomic Energy Agency is organizing an International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century in Beijing, China, from 20 to 22 April 2009. This conference is designed to allow participants to discuss developments and emerging issues relevant to the role of nuclear power in providing clear and sustainable energy for national and regional development.
      Energy supply security, the long term stability of the costs, reliability and environmental impact, including climate change, play a major role in the energy planning of States. Nuclear power, as a proven technology with virtually no greenhouse gas emissions or emission of pollutants, is expected to play an increasing role in meeting the rapidly growing global requirements for electricity.
      The continued safe operation of the current fleet of nuclear power reactors is essential for addressing concerns about the use of nuclear technology and is a necessary prerequisite for nuclear power to make an increasing contribution to world energy supplies throughout the 21st century and beyond.
      The conference will provide an opportunity to review the status and prospects of nuclear power including progress in the evolution of technology and to discuss the necessary actions to carry forward the positive momentum that nuclear power has witnessed in recent years. It will also offer a forum for many countries considering the potential benefits of introducing nuclear power in their national energy mix to further assess the viability of the nuclear power option.


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